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Re: Aurora Radio Group

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>So what is WICC doing now? WICC is arguably
>Connecticut's best AM signal--despite its low power (1
>kW-D/500W-N DA-2) and the presence of 50 kW Class A WTIC
>in Hartford. The excellent dial position (600 kHz)
>coupled with a TX location on an island in Long Island
>Sound give WICC coverage (daytime, at least) along the
>entire Connecticut coast and inland almost to Hartford

        If you measure the square miles, WICC might be in second place, but
I agree with the spirit of what you wrote. WICC's only problem is that
roughly half its signal goes out to LI (where it has to this day some
audience) and to the ocean, while WTIC is closer to the center of the
        Someone else said dial position is key, but it's both that and the
tremendous transmitter site. As we know down here in Conn. from the signals
of WCBS and WFAN, there just ain't nothin' like saltwater to produce a
tremendous signal. And WICC is on an island in Bridgeport harbor that at
normal high tide is, literally, I believe, about 18 inches above sea level.