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Re: New Report Faults Commercial TV Broadcasters

At 02:02 PM 3/28/00 -0500, Dave Faneuf wrote:
>Not surprised at all.  When WODS was owned by CBS (pre Westinghouse et
>al) the company required 6% of the weekly broadcast air time be devoted
>to news and public affairs (10.08 hours a week).  CBS was very strict
>about maintaining a 6% minimum. 

I presume the suits never actually listened Sat/Sun overnights when the
public affairs block aired.  Around '87/'88 I had a job which required me
to work one weekend "dark 12" a month (7p Sat-7a Sun)...this company had
WODS on the background music system...I definitely remember hearing the
same segment repeated several times in one night...looked like they had 1
hour of programming they used to fill 4 or 5 hours.  Heard this more than
once so it wasn't just a fluke.  Working that shift was bad enough without
having to endure the same interview with the mayor of Boston (or whoever) 4