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Re: EAS on Maine Public Radio

In a message dated 03/28/2000 6:19:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, Dib9@aol.com 

<< Was it necessary for Maine Public Radio to carry these reports on their 
 station?   >>

on the one hand, the out of area reports may seem odd.  but then again, many 
people listen to signals that carry programming which may not be available 
elsewhere.  is the Maine Public radio audio carried on some cable systems 
outside of the Portland area?  also, the EAS messages come in with the very 
specific terms of "Log Only Event"  or  "Rebroadcast Required".  if the 
agency which issued the initial warning REQUIRED EAS activation, then 
required it is.  (i have not yet received an EAS message that mentioned 
"rebroadcast optional".

also, among the reasons why various broadcast outlets opt to air all 
"rebroadcast required" messages via EAS:  does the title "A Perfect Storm" 
ring a bell?  a tragedy at sea based on NO WARNING from any source.  the NWS 
is usually the originator of "rebroadcast required" messages. (severe 
thunderstorm warnings, etc)

me?  i'd rather deal with the interuption and know something was up than to 
wind up facing dire consequences after.

- -Chuck Igo