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Re: Aurora Radio Group

So what is WICC doing now? WICC is arguably 
Connecticut's best AM signal--despite its low power (1 
kW-D/500W-N DA-2) and the presence of 50 kW Class A WTIC 
in Hartford. The excellent dial position (600 kHz)
coupled with a TX location on an island in Long Island 
Sound give WICC coverage (daytime, at least) along the 
entire Connecticut coast and inland almost to Hartford 
(where it bumps into first adjacent WSNG Torrington), as 
well as on much of Long Island. WICC has always sounded 
quite professional to me. I was unaware that Nassau now 
owns the station.

> Nassau Communications, of New Jersey, has purchased the WPUT/WINE/WRKI/WAXB 
> in the Danbury, CT area, from Aurora.  With the sale, this group is added 
> to the parent company's WICC/WEBE holdings in Connecticut.  Way too early 
> to know what, if any, additional programming changes are planned.  It 
> should be noted that WICC dropped talk a few weeks ago and the WPUT/WINE 
> duo switched to MOYL, around the same time.  With the current FCC rules, 
> little stations continue to get gobbled up.  The WINE/WPUT group has been 
> sold 7 times in 8 years, the last time just 6 months ago. Nothing like a 
> little stability in the industry :)
> Pete