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Re: promo CDs

Yes, we're near the U of M at resque Isle, but they
have a radio station ,too

--- Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> wrote:
> >you wrote--
> >    We are a classic/modern rock station locatd in
> >Monticello Maine.  Would i be able to contact those
> >campanies throught the net or would it have to be a
> >snail mail coreespondance.
> Try their web sites, but most companies prefer a
> letter on real 
> letterhead.  I think you would be serviced out of
> Boston, where 
> Warner-Elektra-Atlantic, CBS/Sony, RCA/BMG, and
> various other labels have 
> an office.  Try the internet for the national
> mailing lists first, and see 
> what they tell you to do.  Who's the owner of your
> station and how far does 
> the signal go?  If you are live, that might be a
> plus to record companies 
> because you can choose the records you play, and you
> can break some new 
> records.  Are you near any college?

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