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Re: NERW 3/24: WFAU Loses A Tower, WFNX Gains A State, NERW VisitsCalifornia...

I'm not sure what the station's power is but WGUY has a great signal.  I have 
listened to it in Ellsworth and Augusta and all over eastern and central 

In a message dated 3/24/00 11:20:19 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
fybush@world.std.com writes:

<< Just outside Bangor, Communications Capital Managers strikes again,
 adding one more station to the group it's assembling in the market
 (WVOM/WBYA, WKSQ, WLKE, WBFB).  This time, it's WGUY (102.1 Dexter),
 for the price tag of $1.475 million, from Dan Priestly's Innovative
 Advertising Consultants.  NERW thinks WGUY would make a useful
 simulcast to one of the other rimshots in the group...WBYA, perhaps? >>