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Re: Emergency Preparations

Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 03/20/2000 12:58:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> billo@erols.com writes:
> << The black ink under the nails was a sure sign of a caring broadcast
>  professional.  Deaf as wood, but caring. >>
> Huh?  whassat you say, sonny??  Heffas Wood?  Tiger's cousin?
> - -Chuck Igo

Typical voice mail message to this boy: "...and this is URGENT. 
Please call me NOW.  MY number is 'hef, doth, pleh, goish, dunk,
phlegm, toink, bishkah, hoikik.' Call me, or else."  

Biff Oatmeal