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Re: WBZ using CBS news on overnights?

At 08:46 AM 3/21/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >WCBS-AM's meteorologists were all fired in a cost-cutting move by Infinity
> >head Mel Karmazin.
>That would come as a big surprise to one WCBS meteorologist I happen to
>know...  In talking with and e-mailing him in the past week, I can assure
>you that he still has his job (part-time though it is) there.

Hi Shawn,
The information that Sven shared was from last week's NY Daily News, or 
possibly another NY paper was legit. Don Fitzpatrick's Shoptalk, I think 
carriied the same article. However, not all were fired, according to the 
article.  The names cited, I believe, were 3 fulltimers, but admit to not 
being fully aware of their schedules and agreements.