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Re: WBZ using CBS news on overnights?

>WCBS-AM's meteorologists were all fired in a cost-cutting move by Infinity
>head Mel Karmazin. 

That would come as a big surprise to one WCBS meteorologist I happen to
know...  In talking with and e-mailing him in the past week, I can assure
you that he still has his job (part-time though it is) there.

Moreover, his bio (which also shows how it is I happen to know him) can
still be found on WBCS' web site:
At least one other meteorologist has his bio up there, too.

Odds are good that I'll be seeing him this evening, at which point I'll
ask him about their use of a Weather Channel person.  I wouldn't be
surprised if it turned out to be a simple case of not having anyone else
available to cover the weather at whatever time it happened to be.

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu