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RE: Emergency Preparations

I believe the WSSH, er, WKLB 99.5 original tower (self supporting) site had
a generator there on Wood Hill, Andover... or did so in 1978. That started
out as a private lover's lane for a certain you know who... if WSSH went off
the air, then I'd know enough to leave the premises because the CE was on
his way... That was MY "emeregency preparations" to vacate the property...
And she thought I played WSSH in the background for the love songs...

oops, my wife gets a copy of this list at home... he he...

Ron Gitschier

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> <<  Is WKLB still  using the TX site that I mentioned? >>
> the Pru has emergency generating power for the entire bldg.  and WKLB is
> at  the Andover site, now.  i've not visited that site, so i can not offer
> an  opinion as to the site's generator capabilities.
> - -Chuck Igo