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Re: WBZ using CBS news on overnights?

In a message dated 03/20/2000 4:54:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
saloway@bu.edu writes:

<< When did 'BZ start using CBS news on their overnights?  >>


    it stuck out like a sore thumb on my drive down Monday morning (3/13).  
they even dump the fading news sounder before the CBS "ping".  (the sounder 
always blended well into the ABC logo...)   must have been both inevitable 
and contractual.  (CBS owns; ABC obligation expired)  
   I'm sure the Paul Harvey thing, though, is signed, sealed and delivered 
until at least the year 3k.  ("...my wife Angel and I have discovered the 
fountain of youth.  it's the Bose Accoustic Tempur Pedic Allstate TruValue 
Cryogenic Chamber....")

- -Chuck Igo