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Re: WBZ using CBS news on overnights?

>Scott Saloway wrote:
>        When did 'BZ start using CBS news on their overnights?

        Stream of consciousness / word association made me think of a
change I heard yesterday on WCBS (AM). Around 7 p.m. they had a weather
forecast by someone IDed by the anchor as being from The Weather Channel.
WCBS has had, for eons, its own weather staff and I think I heard the usual
voices today. Maybe it's just on weekends that they're saving money. (Oh.
Sorry. Did I really say that? I mean, using this exciting new source of
expert weather information to improve service to their listeners.) For all
I know, Weather Channel and CBS are now co-owned.
        I need to listen more to figure out the extent to which they've
outsourced. Perhaps a trial balloon so the research people can see if the
audience notices / cares before they do it 24/7?