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Re: Durward Kirby, R.I.P.

Joseph Gallant asked:

> Didn't Durward Kirby and Garry Moore first team up as announcer and
> emcee, respectively, on the Chicago-based "Club Matinee" over one of the
> NBC radio networks (Blue?) around 1939 or 1940?
According to John Dunning's On the Air (your library ought to get this
book!), you are correct on all points.  The teamup lasted from 1939 to

> Moore and comedian Jimmy Durante also did a New York-based variety show
> for one of the major radio networks (NBC red?) in the 40's. I believe it
> began when Lou Costello had to suspend the show he did with Bud Abbott
> due to some sort of personal problem. I think Kirby was the announcer on
> that show as well.
According to Dunning, the Durante-Moore show (a.k.a The Camel Caravan)
replaced A&C in March 1943 after illness forced Lou Costello into
temporary retirement.  The show moved from NBC to CBS in October 1943.
Kirby is not listed as announcer.