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Re: Thursday Night Countdown Chart)

Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 03/16/2000 9:21:28 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> mwaters@mail.wesleyan.edu writes:
> << And, oh, I'm afraid I don't have a copy of Ms. Monday's song . . . >>
> let me throw in a shameless plug for a man who not only loves radio, but,
> like the character in Harry Chapin's "W.O.L.D."  ...  "...Quit that jockin'
> and ..." started that record store:   Bill O'Neill's House of Rock and Roll,
> Route One in Saco, Maine.
> 207 283 1966   (dig the year reference, eh?  and if you drive by the place,
> you'll dig the Wurlizter Jukebox lookin' sign).   he's got vinyl, and if he
> ain't got it, and it's out there, he'll find it!
>    plus, he's a great guy.  did lots of on-air work on WJBQ through the 70's
> and 80's, including his Saturday night oldies request show.
>    he's been in business there since the mid 80's, and still does his own
> spots for radio....  tell him i sent you.  (he'll charge you double...)
> - -Chuck Igo

No relation...but I get Bill's point.

Bill O'Neill