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Re: Field trips

In a message dated 3/17/00 4:01:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, Chuckigo writes:

<< using a little ingenuity, you can serve two purposes at the same time.  
give them a tour of the station that ends up in the production studio, where 
you have a simple script outlined for each of the kids to read a line (if 
it's a bigger group, two or three kids read a line together).  six or seven 
"splices" later, you have a 30 second psa extolling the fun of (fill in the 
group's activity here).  you give the parent or chaperone a cassette copy, 
and put the other in the carted psa rack in the studio.  run it in rotation 
with the other carted psa's and you have variety, plus the local kids get to 
be "STAHS"! >>

I remember years ago -- had to be in the 4-6 age bracket at the time -- my 
mother dragged me down to Fanueil Hall for one reason or another, and WHDH is 
broadcasting from there at the time. (Tom Kennedy was the jock on duty.) 
Somehow I had the pleasure of getting into the broadcast van for a few 
minutes and actually seeing how the show ran. I didn't get on the air, but it 
made my day. (I also remember when WHDH had the storefront seasonal studio at 
Jordan Marsh and WBZ's mobile studio was parked a block or so away at 
Downtown Crossing.)

Does anyone know definitively where Tom is now? I was driving across our 
great country a few weeks ago and I believe I heard him jocking a satellite 
AC service (SMN?) on some AM station in Montana, though I'm not sure it was 
the same Tom Kennedy. (To me, it sounded like him.) The last I knew, he was 
at WVBF doing news with Nick Mills, right before they flipped to country and