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Custon edits (was Re: Thursday Night Countdown Chart)

At 10:46 AM 3/17/00 -0500, Martin J. Waters wrote:
>>Joe Ross wrote:
>>I remember WBZ censoring "When I think of all the crap I learned in high
>>school..."  I would't have known what the song really said if I hadn't
>>heard it on WMEX.
>        The record company made that version available to radio and many,
>many stations used it. Never hear it now, though. A quaint reminder of
>other days.

I always thought it was their own edit...never heard it anywhere else.  I
think I have a promo copy of the 45...I'll have to give it a listen.

WBZ always was pretty conservative with respect to language...especially in
the 70s when they were an AC station.  I recall hearing a version of Hall &
Oates' "Rich Girl" with the line "it's a bitch girl" replaced with "you're
a rich girl"...the song made no sense with that edit, but my hat is off to
whoever produced it...not a small feat in those pre-digital workstation