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wjyy morning show

It was mentioned this morning on WJYY (105.5 Concord NH) that the new
morning show will debut Monday, March 27.  Yesterday the
husband-and-wife team of Ernie and Jane did a one-shot on-air audition.
This morning there was somebody from a different daypart on (sorry,
can't remember who).  As has been noted elsewhere, Konrad Kayne has been
filling many (but not all) of the mornings since Kevin Hilley's

Kudos to WJYY for devoting a fair amount of space on their web site to
honoring Mr. Hilley (now at WCPT Albany NY), complete with lots of
pictures from his last airshift (February 25).  Usually when someone is
gone from your
airwaves the name is not to be mentioned again.