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Re: New Canadian AMs

Well, Garrett may not have heard of any new Canadian AMs being
authorized in a while, but *I* have :-)

There's a new AM on the outskirts of Montreal that signed on earlier
this year...with the calls CJMS, no less!  I believe it may be operated
by some of the former CJMS-1280 staff.  

It's licensed to St.-Constant, Quebec and was originally authorized
for 1320 kHz, later changed to 1040 kHz.  There have been some reports
of it in the NRC bulletin, though of course none from Boston (or
from me in Rochester with my pesty 1040 semi-local).  I forget the 
power and my most recent (not very!) download of the Canadian database
doesn't include it.

Format, if memory serves, is French country.

In general, though, I'm inclined to agree...a new Canadian AM is as
rare a sighting as, say, the FCC rejecting a religious translator app.