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Re: Local shortwave stores?

That's what I was going to tell her, actually :)

I swear by Sangean models myself (an old ATS-803A is sitting right on my
nightstand...), and I've bought most of them through Universal. On the
whole, I'd rather buy one with the Sangean name than with the RS name.
(Yeah, I realize it's the same radio, but it's a psychological thing... :)

Either way, I was figuring I might drag her to a store somewhere so I
could show her the real difference between what $50 and $100 will get you.
It may not seem like much, but having the entire AM frequency range,
uninterrupted, really pays off...


On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Sven Weil wrote:

> I agree with Larry.  I have read comments from users about Radio Shack's
> analog and low priced digital-tuned shortwave sets.  They are able to tune
> in most US shortwave stations and a few of the more powerful foreign ones,
> but anything else than that is too much of a strain on these boxes. 
> Sangean's top of the line model (which radio shack sells) also has RDS
> (for those FM stations that stream text info on thier format, calls,
> time,weather, adverts, etc.).  Good luck.
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> On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Larry Weil wrote:
> > 
> > You Do It Electronic in Needham has a good selection
> > of portable SW receivers on the 2nd floor.  Also,
> > Ham Radio Outlet in Salem, NH has some general
> > coverage receivers.  Some of Radio Shack's shortwave
> > receivers are made by Sangean, a reputable
> > manufacturer, but I would avoid RS's lower priced
> > items, they are, IMO, junk!
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