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Re: Local shortwave stores?

In a message dated 10/16/99 7:07:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, saloway@bu.edu 
<< Are there any stores in the area that specialize in radio equipment? I'm
 thinking of some place along the lines of Universal Radio in Ohio or Grove
 in North Carolina.
 I don't think there are any specific sw radio stores in Boston area, 
although I remember at one time planning to drive to NH, but I don't remember 
the name of the store.  I always felt the same way about buying from a 
catalog, although many sw enthusiasts do.  There are however, a couple of 
other options.   I recently bought a Grundig YB-400 in Circuit City, and I've 
seen it in Best Buy also. (about $200).  Another popular choice is the RS 
-398 (I think that's the #) at Radio Shack ($200 or $250 but often on sale), 
which is a clone of a popular Sangean model, and I think RS has a couple 
others.   If your friend wants sw radio opinions/reviews before she buys, she 
should check out the rec.radio.shortwave newsgroup, and also the online Grove 
or Universal web sites to see them and read about them.  I found a Sangean 
once in a large local  camera store, and I bought my Sony 2010 many years ago 
at a TV/Radio store.  In NYC a lot of those electronic stores that are on 
every corner carry the Sony radios also.  
  For the more expensive table models that I'm not familiar with, the 
newsgroup may also help but I don't know if there are any local stores that 
carry them. 
Hope this helps.