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Re: 1060-1230

I listened with interest today to 1060.   They're simulcasting much of the 
time with 1230-WNEB-Worcester.  And they ARE ID'ing as 
   "J-Light - WMEX-Natick-Boston"
    "Christian Mix - 1230 WNEB-Worcester"
Lotsa mentions of both stations, even from Mark Rosenthal doing the weather, 
mentioning both.   Even with these new calls, and mentions of dual stations, 
there's NO mention of 1060's programming moving to 650.  Probably too early.  
 My guess is that they got the calls when they could (now) with plans to make 
changes after the 650 site is changed, with higher power;  higher than a 
measly 250 watts!  :)
Yes, you saw it....  THE MIX.

       (Bob Bittner)