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CIQC and the Expos

News around here is that the Expos will be staying on CIQC...the contract
with the team runs another year, and CIQC Sports Director (and fill-in
baseball announcer when the team is -- rarely -- televised), Elliott Price,
was in an overly good mood last Saturday as we crossed paths between my show
ending at Noon, and his Sports Trivia timeslot Noon-2...

Brian Kenemy, CIQC General Manager, along with The Two Pierres -- Beland and
Arcand -- who run Metromedia ... they all seem to be endeared with the WBZ
concept of running a station --- after 7, go to sports and urban talk...

With the Expos aboard, it would make sense to keep Mitch Melnick (whose
sister just married Elliott Price, in fact) aboard to host just such a
sports talk show in the evenings, particularly when it is rumoured that Ted
Tevan, long the king of late-night sports talk, 10-Midnight, might be
calling it quits...

Great Melnick line of the week, as heard on Jim Duff's Morning Drive show =
"The Canadiens' defence is as thin as the book I'm writing --- CIQC: The
Keith Randall Years" (Randall being a long-time Montreal radio personality,
who was named Interim Program Director to basically babysit until a news
format PD was named, in-between the move of Bob Linney to CPAC Cable Channel
in Ottawa, and the appointment of another Montreal broadcasting legend, Jim
Connell, to the all-news PD post, Jim having been at the old CKO News Radio,
CKGM, CJAD, CFQR, and CIQC dating from its 18 months as a country station)

In a story in last week's Montreal Gazette, media critic Mike Boone carried
a bit from a reader who had scoured numerous radio interest group sites on
the net, and who had summarized possible scenarios, ranging from The Two
Pierres conspiring to have the station fail in its all-news format, so that
they could switch it to French...that their 2 AMs (CIQC and CKVL) were
moving to a new building apart from the FMs (CKOI, CFQR, CIEL) to facilitate
their sale, possibly to Rogers Communications, who already have all-news AMs
in Toronto and Vancouver...and that in 2 years, all-news will be a failure,
and the station will become that latest U.S. hot trend, albeit 2 years late
north of the border, Jammin' Oldies, The Incredible 94.

With the trend in the States, as well, to have every station branded as "The..."
(guess Lew Dickie's text on branding your radio station made an impression)...
surely CIQC 940 News should be known as "The Leader", and CFQR-FM 92.5 as
"The Mountain" (for Montreal's most distinctive geographic feature)

At 12:05 AM 10/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>so are the Expos staying at CIQC or what?
>and what about Mitch>


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