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Keeseville, N.Y radio

Scott mentioned that this 97.9 drop-in John Bulmer
wants to put in at Keeseville, N.Y. could serve
Burlington.  This made me think of a tower 97.9 could
go on if it did go on the air, and that's the AT&T
tower near Keeseville.  This telephone tower is
already home to the antenna for WKOL (105.1-formerly
WEXP).  As a matter of fact, anyone going up or down
I-87 can see it near the Keeseville exit.  It is to
the west from I-87, and has a flashing light on top
(which is on the WKOL transmitting element).  

I guess the folks from Keeseville have no trouble
hearing "Good Times and Great Oldies".

Gavin Burt
Albany, New York


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