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Re: FCC (was: Re: clear channel buys amfm)

Mike Thomas writes:
Why?  Most likely because both have 50K sticks and the
> rest of the competition only runs 3 or 6K signals which don't cover
the entire
> metro.

I sort of agree.  But then there's the perception factor.  When WEEI
was at 590 (5 kW) I doubt people in their ADI (Boston) knew or cared
less that it had fewer kW than other AMers.  When 850 flips to night
pattern, there's still 50 kW but tell that to someone in Lowell or

Hypothetically, if WOKQ at 50 kW from Dover is put up against a 3 kW
country signal in Nashua, from the Nashua listener's perspective, both
signals make their kitchen radio deliver about the same quality of
signal.  On balance, the difference will always be ... quality of
product, and a 50 kW signal has the 'potential' to garner more of a
book of biz than the smaller signal and, theoretically, translate that
added revenue into a better talent, product and..... <screeching halt

Aside:  Who the heck am _EYE_ kidding?  In the stylings of John
Cleese, "Forget I said anything, I have gone quite mad.  Never mind.
Talk amongst yourselves.  Good day."  <Cleese off>

"Bull" O'Neill