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Re: Traffic / Non-Radio stuff

As a part-time map collector, I have a map in my cube at work of New England
dated 1931. It shows a route 128 going in a semi-circle from Salem MA to
Weymouth MA. It appears in many cases, however, not to be taking the path of the
current route 128.

The current Rte 33 from Statham NH to Portsmouth in the past fifteen years has
been Rte 101D, Rte 51, Rte 101 and finally Rte 33. A one time, IIRC most state
routes with lettered alternates were made to get unique numbers. That is Route
3B became route 132, Route 101D now Rte 33 etc. (Still some notable exceptions
though due to public recongnition of certain route designations)

Derry NH

ps I'm a little surprised this non radio topic has been allowed to go on so
long, but since it has, I gave my two cents.

"A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@world.std.com> on 10/13/99 12:20:10 AM

To:     I think
      the original Route 128 was built in the early 50s, before the Interstate
      Highway program.  The road was widened in the early 60s, probably with
      some federal money, but nobody made it a Federal interstate highway at
      that time.