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Re: FCC (was: Re: clear channel buys amfm)

Your statement is correct, but there is a chicken and egg situation here.  
Did stations abandon local communities or did lack of advertising force 
programming changes?  My answer is that stations have been forced to make 
changes due to lack of revenue.  The Wal-Marting of America has eliminated 
many of the local small businesses that have supported local radio stations.  
To survive today, a station must get good ratings to get buys from national 
and regional agencies that buy by the numbers.

I would also point out that local ownership does not guarantee local 
programming and corporate ownership does not guarantee satellite programming. 
 Automation and satellite programming had taken root in small stations across 
America a long time before the ownership limits were eliminated.  In some 
cases, consolidation and sharing of costs are the only things that have 
allowed local programming to survive.

--Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine  

In a message dated 10/12/99 10:23:03 AM EST, terry_wood@prodigy.net writes:

<< We are steadily losing the participation in our local
 stations by the local governments, the local citizenry and it is just the
 same program from Dallas, New York, or what ever the city of origin for the
 station ownership.   >>