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Re: Audio Processing (Was: Tropo <is it...>)

> Gain (input/output volume), gate (?), attack, hold, decay, phlange,
> threshold, ratio (?) and release.
>      ~Kaimbridge~

Attack time is generally a fixed value (aside from studio devices,
etc.), whereas release time and gating are typical variables.  Gate
kicks in at the desired level to cut out processing to very low dB to
minimize noise gain.  Less of a problem with digital devices, clean
wiring, shielding and lack of errant ground loops.  Too high an input
level with too slow a release time yields "holes in the audio" or
"pumping" often the problem of the old AM DAPs.  One device trying to
do all the work on the chain is a lot to ask (although I hear there
are some nifty digital products out there that are up to the task.)  I
tend to think that all the money in the world spent on the finest
processing is wasted if it's not set up correctly. I think that some
of the big AMers never sounded better, audiowise.  Major goals of
processing are competitive loudness, sounding decent in lots of types
of radios at once, operator error-correction (board levels too
low/high), keeping the final tube happy.

Bill O'Neill