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Re: WBZ transmitter

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email address***

--- "Casey, Peter" <casey@boston.cbs.com> wrote:
> We are currently undergoing some tower renovation
> work at our transmitter
> site in Hull, Mass
    The hardcore radio geeks here would like to know,
of course, exactly what work you're doing. You know,
if you're painting the towers, what brand of paint,
etc. <g>.

     Just south of Hartford today, at noon, WBZ's
signal had that 10 kW sound to it. Very faint. The
slop from WTIC, five channels over and 10 miles away,
was a little louder. Which raises issues about my
Kenwood car radio, too, but that's another thread. I
shudda/cudda got a Sony. Or just left the Toyota radio

      Meanwhile, in Provincetown, they're probably
wondering why the WBZ signal was so much better today
. . .  



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