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Re: More on Clear Channel/AMFM deal

Entercom might be next on Clear Channel's plate, IMO.
Considering that Entercom just announced last Friday(10/1)
that it will be offering another 8 million of its shares for sale,
it's really opening itself up for a nice takeover. Also, Clear Channel
doesn't have any stations in Seattle(Entercom has 5) and probably
wouldn't mind adding more signals in Boston where it only
has 2 FMs and a small AM(Entercom has 2 FMs and 2 AMs). 

Somehow MCI's buy out of Sprint dwarfs everything else
by comparison....:)


--- Chris Beckwith <beckwith@ime.net> wrote:
> Investors bid up other publicly-traded broadcasters in 
> anticipation of one or more of them picking up Clear Channel's cast-offs.
> It's interesting that AMFM, the ultimate radio consolidator, was itself 
> swallowed up!
> Take care,
> Chris


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