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More on Clear Channel/AMFM deal

The 830 station count mentioned earlier would result from a spinoff of 125 
stations in order to win Justice Department approval for the acquisition.  And 
I was off by a factor of ten in the billborad count--Clear Channel owns more 
than 400,000 billboards!  Lowry Mays' radio empire will encompass 47 of the 
top 50 markets and 85 of the top 100.  The stations will generate an 
estimated $2.79 billion in annual revenue, nearly a billion dollars ahead of 
second-place Infinity.  Investors bid up other publicly-traded broadcasters in 
anticipation of one or more of them picking up Clear Channel's cast-offs.
It's interesting that AMFM, the ultimate radio consolidator, was itself 
swallowed up!

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