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Re: 87.7 FM in Portland,ME & WCSH NEWS

On 5 Oct 99,  Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> All Channel 6's in America broadcast their audio portion of their signal
> right on the edge of the "standard FM band", which we all know, starts at
> 88.1.   Most radios go down to 87.9 or 87.7, which is where you can hear
> ANY chanel 6 in America.  WCSH is just promoting a happenstance
> opportunity since they, and all other Ch 6's could boast about should they
> want to.   It's actually a great idea, to promote such.  Don't know why it
> hasn't been done before....  or perhaps it has, it's just that we here in
> Boston don't get too many Ch 6's on our TV's.   

Interestingly enough, many years ago, in the early 1960s, I used to pick 
up WCSH on my FM radio from Bedford, MA.  It depended on atmospheric 
conditions.  I couldn't always get it, but I often could.  Since WCSH was, 
at the time, carrying reruns of "Space Patrol," an old favorite TV show of 
mine from the early 50s, I listened to it whenever I could.  We sometimes 
used to get WCSH on our TV, usually faintly, before Channel 5 came on.  
After that, we never got WCSH again.  One time during the summer of 1957, 
we got WCSH as strong as a Boston station.  

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