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Re: 87.7 FM in Portland,ME & WCSH NEWS

All Channel 6's in America broadcast their audio portion of their signal 
right on the edge of the "standard FM band", which we all know, starts at 
88.1.   Most radios go down to 87.9 or 87.7, which is where you can hear ANY 
chanel 6 in America.  WCSH is just promoting a happenstance opportunity since 
they, and all other Ch 6's could boast about should they want to.   It's 
actually a great idea, to promote such.  Don't know why it hasn't been done 
before....  or perhaps it has, it's just that we here in Boston don't get too 
many Ch 6's on our TV's.   ----    Channels 2 thru 6 take up somewhere near 
65.0 mHz thru 88.5 mHz for their audio, while Ch's 7 thru 13 were placed 
somewhere else; all this years ago.
----jibguy (Bob Bittner)

In a message dated 10/4/99 0:11:48 AM EST, WhomFAN@aol.com writes:

 ON occasion during the WCSH newscasts mostly 6PM they run a short spot 
 if storms knock your power out you can tune into "News Center" on your 
 battery radio. My search on the online database using 87.7 and Maine as a 
 state have come up empty.  >>