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Re: Where's Harry?

At 08:47 PM 10/4/99 -0400, Mark wrote:
>   Donna Halper wrote:
> > So with the changes at WROR, I just heard that Harry is no longer the PD
> > WROR????
>   My source (someone who works at one of the stations at 55 Morrisey Blvd.)
>was told that Harry Nelson "resigned",and that Don Kelley is acting PD

See, I told you that he was out for world domination!  ;-)

Look out!  Here comes Prestidigitation 105.7

While the boys at 55 Morrissey are having fun with "Format du Jour", I've 
been enjoying the musical offerings of the Internet.  I've had my machines 
at the house and office streaming "Relax 92.4" playing NAC from somewhere 
in Germany.  Of course, the downside is that I don't understand a word of 
their commercials but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Its interesting that their playlist is actually much better than I've heard 
on the majority of the NAC stations here.  They stay more on NAC and leave 
of the AC crossovers such as Janet Jackson.  They also are playing some 
deep cuts from the CD.  I've heard several Keiko Matsui tracks from her 
albums that I haven't heard airplay on here anywhere.  The same holds true 
for other artists.

On an amusing side, as I was dozing off last night around midnight I noted 
a slight change in format from long music sweeps to frequent live 
breaks.  There was a 10 minute break of what I think was news just after 
midnight.  It dawned on me that I was listening to their morning drive 
program.  I caught their PM drive show as I was getting ready for work 
about 8AM.

I've noticed that about 90% of their vocals (ie Sade, etc.) are in English.

I guess that Relax 92.4 must now have 11 listeners! (regards to Don on this 


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