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Re: Katz has 9 lives

It's not my fault it took Entercom forever to get
Moes signed...:) New show starts tomorrow AM..:)
All that remains of him is his photo on the station's
website(bio's gone!..:) 
WRKO already updated the daily schedule(take a look!).
Another big change is their 'Dependable Traffic' updates
are airing every 15 minutes. I guess their taking
their news/info approach very seriously....

--- "Kirk, Roger" <rkirk@cabletron.com> wrote:
> On  3 Sep 1999, Mark Shneyder wrote
> Katz was on this morning - chastising Moakley for sexism.
> Won't he ever go away?
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@ttlc.net


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