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Re: Today's LTAR

        A further thought on the question of Boston stations carrying
hourly network news: The real issue is that hourly network news never made
the migration to FM. In big markets, virtually no one uses it. Even in not
so big markets. The only station I can think of on my local dial in Conn.
that does is WZBG, the class A licensed to Litchfield, IDing as
Litchfield-Torrington. And its format could best be listed as good
old-fashioned "small town." It runs CBS on the hour, at least most hours.

        With talk and news formats now starting to migrate to FM, will this
change? Personally, I have one of my eight-inch spikes handy to drive into
the coffin of AM radio the first night I hear WTOP IDing with the FM first.
But at least the hourly network news is on FM in that market <g>.