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Re: Today's LTAR

In a message dated 10/3/99 8:09:47 PM EST, lawyer@world.std.com writes:

<<  was surprised to hear talk on LTAR this morning about it being over ten 
 years since any station carried network news on the hour in the Boston 
 area.  Didn't WJIB used to carry USA Network news just a few years ago?

OOOOPS,  yes, AJR is correct.  I forgot about what was on my own station.  
However, I probably didn't think about  it because it wasn't full time.  
WJIB-740 is on the air 24/7, however USA News was only aired on hours that I 
was in the studio, which is usually business hours.   This was at a time when 
USA was not requiring 24/7.  When later, they did, a few years back, I said 
---jibguy  (Bob Bittner)