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Re: WCCC AM/FM Hartford

>Jack Allen wrote:
> They even stole
>Mike Picozzi, the former PM drive guy from HCN to be their PD & PM driver.

        Actually, WHCN fired AM drive guys Picozzi and the Horn after a
zillion years in one of those raw deals of telling them at 10:05 one
morning that they were off forever. WHCN replaced them with that pathetic
bird-feed Bob and Tom show, but pulled that quick--less than a year, I
think--for what they have on now. After being off the radio for at least
several months, Mr. Picozzi got the WCCC gig and Mr. Horn is now the
sidekick for Jerry Kristafer, morning talk guy and PD at WELI in New Haven.
Of course, Mr. Kristafer has two things in common with Picozzi and the
Horn. He also was on AM drive in Hartford for a zillion years, against
them, and he also was fired one morning (from WDRC-FM, in his case). And,
IMO, AM drive in Hartford has been even worse ever since those two shows
were killed.