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WCCC AM/FM Hartford

Mike Thomas,

WCCC AM/FM Hartford is now owned by Marlin Broadcasting.  They also own a
Classical station in Miami.  It was sold by the Dresner Family (Greater
Hartford Communications Corp.)  who owned it for many years.  I worked there
for six.  Besides being the station where Howard got his big break, they are
now beating WHCN (Classic Rock That Rocks) soundly in the ratings, mostly
because Howard is there.  A great legacy to the station to have him there
where he started.  HCN had been beating them for years.  They even stole
Mike Picozzi, the former PM drive guy from HCN to be their PD & PM driver.
To add insult to injury,  CCC moved into HCN's building on Asylum Av. & is
using their equipment (a smooth transition) while HCN is AMFM & is on
Columbus Blvd. w/WWYZ, WMRQ & WKSS.  CCC is now The Rock!

Jack Allen
99Rock/New Haven