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Where is Night Orange on WSMN

Last week I was mentioning that the Ken Gidge / Night Orange show was expanding
to 3 hours (9pm to midnight) on WSMN 1590 AM Nashua NH.  I failed to mention
that twice during the week, as Ken Gidge was promoting the expanded hours, he
added the disclaimer, "...That is if I don't get fired!...".

Well maybe he did, because Monday evening on WSMN from 9pm on was Greek
programming. Last night, Tuesday was Nolan at Night, syndicated program.

Ken was on the Radio Saturday along with Arnie Arnesson (sp?) helping to open a
new car parts store in Nashua.

Ken has mentioned several months ago that he was "fired" by cross town rival
WMVU - 900 AM.

Any one know the reason for Ken's absence. Being somewhat familiar with this off
the wall radio personality he may just be pulling a "Paul McCartney is Dead"
routine. Then again, some of the side-kicks he has had on his show enjoy using
profanity knowingly on the air on more than one occasion.

Derry NH