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Re: WOKQ on Broadcast.com

Actually, most Infinity/CBS stations never were on the web.  They have required new
aquisitions to stop streaming if they had been previously.  I would assume they
were afraid of losing on-air listening, concerned about stations "pirating"
successful programming such as Imus and Stern off the web, and copyright issues
regarding ASCAP & BMI.

Now, they may be doing an about face.  Mel Karmazin recently announced a "new
internet venture" but has been short on specifics.  If this is to pass, and since
more and more stations are in cyberspace, we could see Infinity/CBS/Viacom stations
on the net in the not too distant future.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Brian Vita wrote:

> Anyone know what's behind the mandate from Corporate at Infinity that all
> of their stations get off of the web?