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Re: WOKQ on Broadcast.com

I noticed it first with WSJT in Tampa.  They had to pull their feed off of 
the web and stated it was the policy of their new corporate parent.  I'd 
really like to see a major player like Infinity require their stations to 
have a presence on the web.  It would increase their market share and give 
those of us who like to listen to radio a variety of stations within a 
given format to choose from.


At 02:24 AM 9/15/99 -0400, Mike Thomas wrote:
>Actually, most Infinity/CBS stations never were on the web.  They have 
>required new
>aquisitions to stop streaming if they had been previously.  I would assume 
>were afraid of losing on-air listening, concerned about stations "pirating"
>successful programming such as Imus and Stern off the web, and copyright 
>regarding ASCAP & BMI.
>Now, they may be doing an about face.  Mel Karmazin recently announced a "new
>internet venture" but has been short on specifics.  If this is to pass, 
>and since
>more and more stations are in cyberspace, we could see Infinity/CBS/Viacom 
>on the net in the not too distant future.
>Mike Thomas
>WXLO & Mediabase 24/7
>Brian Vita wrote:
> > Anyone know what's behind the mandate from Corporate at Infinity that all
> > of their stations get off of the web?

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