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Driving the calls (was: wrong call letters)

Dan Billings writes:

I'm still amazed how some stations
> allow jocks to be sloppy about giving the calls.

One of the more rigid examples of bracketing I can recall (as a
listener) had to be the former "98.5 WROR" first and last thing out of
the jock's mouth.  I remember hearing a live liner in the sweep: "98
point 5 WROR.  Music for your car.  98 point 5 WROR"  Made me want to
drop everything and find that rating service diary.   (Kidding!
kidding!  Distortion police need not apply!).  That was about the time
that the station seemed to be having fun getting up.. Then down...
Then newer... Then safer... But always bracketed!  It was great to
listen to for the fundamentals of the craft, nonetheless, especially
given the talent on board.

Bill O'Neill