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Re: WKBR REAL Country

103.3 WMCM Rockland carries the Real Country service and I like it very much. 
 My only complaint is that during the weekdays they play too much of what 
everyone else plays and not enough of the "real country"  On the weekends, 
there is a better balance.

It amazes me how much country radio ignores it's roots.  I can listen to six 
country stations where I live and WMCM is the only one that has Johnny Cash 
or George Jones on their play list.  For those of you that are not country 
fans, that would be like not having any station in town playing the Beatles 
or Led Zepplin.  

WOKQ has started a morning show feature that they call their morning country 
classic.  Yesterday their "Country Classic" was "Come Monday" by Jimmy 
Buffett!  Now I love Jimmy Buffett and even think there is room for his music 
on a country station but calling anything he has done a "country classic" is 

- -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

In a message dated 9/13/99 10:09:54 AM EST, billo@erols.com writes:

<< If all you get to listen to is the top ten country hits and another 250
 titles, the deeper and older cuts that network serves up is a welcome
 alternative. >>