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Portland Phoenix goes live Thursday

Today's Press Herald has quite a good story on the debut in today's issue.
I'm on my ISP's shell account so I can't give you the exact URL, but if
you go to http://www.portland.com/news/news.shtml you can navigate from
there.  The point of the Phoenix's imminent arrival was made clear to me
last night as I drove past the main branch of the Portland Post Office
and saw the Phoenix's red dispenser and the Casco Bay Weekly's yellow
dispenser chained to opposite sides of the same pole.  Should be an
interesting street battle!  Only time will tell which will be the, er,
best-read weekly... ;)

It's a pity that WPHX still hasn't gotten its act together technically;
they were off the air all day Saturday and have suffered audio dropouts
ever since.

Take care,