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Re: wrong call letters

It's actually worse than that because if they called Jordan Marsh the store 
would probably still get the business.  With wrong calls, the station may not 
get credit in the all important ratings.  I'm still amazed how some stations 
allow jocks to be sloppy about giving the calls.  Ryan Cody at WABK sometimes 
does a whole break without giving any kind of positioner and the guys been in 
radio for 20+ years.  I don't get it.  Lesson 1 in Radio 101 is say the calls.

I have been fortunate to never give the wrong call letters despite having 
worked at a couple dozen stations.  I think the reason is that in my third 
radio job, I would sit down every night and in succession record the 
overnight weather for KISS 100, WLAM, and WJBQ.  After getting that trick 
down, I have rarely had a problem.  I came close to giving the wrong calls a 
few times at WMGX.  Certain songs that I had played during my WCLZ days would 
cause my mind to lock up momentarily but by the time I cracked the mike the 
right calls would come out.

Has anyone ever given the wrong name?  I imagine it's tough if you use a 
phony name on the air.  Earlier this year, a part-timer at Oldies 100.9 
called herself Diana Ross a couple of times.  She couldn't get used to the 
phony name they gave her and would get confused when frontselling songs.  
Very funny.

- -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

In a message dated 9/14/99 8:44:26 AM EST, Chuckigo@aol.com writes:

<< i guess the people who  a) pay my salary    b) me, cuz it's like answering 
 the phone at Jordan Marsh by saying "thank you for calling Sears
 chuck igo >>