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Re: Quack, quack (Was Re: Neighbors, at the tone...)

In a message dated 9/14/99 9:23:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time, sven@lily.org 

<< "Steve Sommers with you ... schmoozing...OVERNIGHT on the FAN...in New
 York.." >>

sven ...

   steve was indeed the only bright spot late at night.  his put-on style was 
perfect.  especially going to "vinny in the bronx...".  (although, i could've 
done without the RedSox bashing...   ;-)    )      but his insight to the 
actual sports events of the day were very very on the money.  (just curious, 
though... was he running his own board?  many talk hosts prefer to not have 
the worry about the technical; they'd rather focus on the technique.)   if he 
wasn't running his own board, then he and his producer were ....  finishing 
each other's sentences. (so to speak)

- - -Chuck Igo