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Re: Quack, quack (Was Re: Neighbors, at the tone...)

Imus and his board tech, Lou Ruffino, have been together for about 12 years,
right around the time WNBC became WFAN.  Lou is extremely talented and runs a
very tight board.  Lous simply knows when to hit the effect, and does it
correctly every time.

Also, I thought that Dan Ingram, and many of the jocks at WABC in the 60's and
70's ran their own boards.  Does anyone know for sure if they did or not?

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

"Martin J. Waters" wrote:

> >Bill O'Neill wrote:
>  Does Don control the timing of that sfx?  I wonder,
> >since they're not consistently employed, but are always well-timed
> >when used.  Unless he and his tech are classically in sync.
> <snip>
>         Maybe he got the guy who used to play the "Dan Ingram" jingle
> perfectly between Ingram's talk-up and the start of the vocal to come out
> of retirement?
>         Does anyone remember how during Imus's first stint at WNBC he would
> always play the NBC chime with a clanking cash register sound effect tagged
> on it *over* every commercial?