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I noticed the WKBR-1250 AM Manchester NH switch over from 1on1 sports to REAL
Country just after the Red Sox and Patriots victories (both on other stations).
I knew WEEI Boston would be heavily praising the local sports teams, but I
wanted to get a national reaction.

After being perturbed by having 1on1 being dumped at the worst possible time, I
then thought, wow what a plan.
When else would be a better time for people to notice the switch, when the
(sports) audience is most likely to be tuning in to 1250.

However, disappointment still reigns with the listener. After WKBR had finally
been doing 1on1 Sports correctly for several months now, their hookup with REAL
Country is full of 60,120,240 second segments of dead air and Zero legal ID's

John Bolduc
Derry NH