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Re: Anyone notice WPLM-FM cumes in 3 markets?

Congratulations on the numbers Bill.  Although I'm not a big listener of your
station, the times I have tuned in, there seems to be a nice balance between the
traditional "nostalgia" titles and the more contemporary ones.  It is definitly
more listenable than the satellite driven fare at the AM's in Boston and
Providence.  I wonder how much the format being on FM rather than AM helped the
station in those two markets?  As you well know, the stock radios in Crown
Victoria's do have FM :)  Seriously, your station is filling an underserved
demo, 35-64, quite well.  Continued success to you.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Bill Piacentini wrote:

> People are moving, albeit slowly, over to 99.1!
> It has finally surpassed WXKS in the Boston market.
> It was definitely responsible for WOCN losing almost 1 point and is 1 point
> higher than WBZ in the Cape Cod market.
> In the Providence market, its rival WLKW lost a point; and WPLM is listened
> to by more people than WBZ.
> Although many people disagree with my premise that if potential listeners
> don't like the music [and despise talk] they will "contend" with all news.
> The converse also holds that 99.1 can potentially take listeners away from
> the all-news, the "Old-(vocal)-jazz", as well as oldies and AC formats. Now
> if they will only print some bumper stickers ["I'm takin' it EASY99.1"] to
> change listeners' old habits!
> Regards,
> Bill Piacentini
> Takin' it...EASY99.1