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Re: Anyone notice WPLM-FM cumes in 3 markets?

At 10:29 AM 9/9/99 -0700, Mark Shneyder wrote:
>'PLM-AM and 'PLM-FM are combined by Arbitron. Two different formats :
>business news/talk and Easy Listening. One combined share.
>The station owner is very likely going after the same demo(older
>adults 44+). It makes it easier to sell two stations in a package buy...
That may be true (i.e. the combined share). You would have to admit the 
"footprint" 50kW 99.1 makes is much larger than the "footprint" that "1390 
WPLM Plymouth (5000[W] DA-2): Satellite smooth jazz" makes!
I have to take exception to the 44+ for the FM side. Those qualatative 
remarks were using the 12+ numbers and the FM format encompasses young and 
old as well!

- -Bill Piacentini

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Takin' it...EASY99.1